Treatment of cystic ovarian degeneration in Indian camel (Camelus dromedarius)

Vyas, S.; Rai, A.K. and Khanna, N. D. (1998) Treatment of cystic ovarian degeneration in Indian camel (Camelus dromedarius). Indian Veterinary Journal, 75 (9). 827. ISSN 0019-6475

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Cystic ovarian degeneration was diagnosed in two adult female camels with the help of ultrasound. The cysts were thick walled, measuring 6.77 cm (Fig. 1) and 7.42 cm respectively in diameter. The animals were reexamined after 72 days but there was no change in the size and form of these cysts. The animals were administered Buserelin acetate 0.042 mg (Receptal 10 ml, Hoechst) intra muscularly. No cyst could be observed after 3 days of the treatment. The animals conceived in the subsequent breeding season. This is the first report of cystic ovarian degeneration in Indian camel.

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