Studies on the norms and correlations of initial and post-thaw seminal attributes of triple crossbred bulls

Vyas, Sumant; Mohan, Greesh; Dhami, A.J. and Sahni, K.L. (1992) Studies on the norms and correlations of initial and post-thaw seminal attributes of triple crossbred bulls. International Journal Animal Science, 7. pp. 73-76. ISSN 0970-2857

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One hundred and sixty split-ejaculates from five triple crossbred bulls (1/2 HF x 1/4J x ¼ H) were studied for the initial, post-thaw and post-refrigeration sperm characteristics and their interrelationships. The mean values for the various attributes were: sperm concentration 83.54±3.12 x107/ml; progressive motility 71.03±1.37%initial, 60.69±1.43, 50.47±1.55, 41.75±1.59 and 30.13±1.60 percent after 24, 48, 72 and 96 h of storage in tris diluent at 50C, respectively. The percentage of live and abnormal spermatozoa were 79.86±0.98 and 9.58±0.86 initially and 43.51±1.46 and 14.07±0.87 after thawing. The abnormalities of sperm head, mid-piece, and tail were also increased significantly in post0thaw semen. Most of the characteristics studied were significantly (P,0.01) interrelated. Initial motility and live sperm percent were the good indicators of semen quality, freezability and livability of crossbred bulls semen. Similarly, refrigeration motility was a good indicator of freezability and post-thaw survivability of spermatozoa and hence could serve as a simple test in screening the bulls for freezability of their semen under the field/farm conditions, where the test freezing facilities are not available

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