Pharmacological evaluation of jungle flame (Ixora coccinea, Rubiaceae)

Allimuthu, M. (2005) Pharmacological evaluation of jungle flame (Ixora coccinea, Rubiaceae).

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Ixora coccinea is a shrub occurring along the western coast and widely grown in gardens through out India and Srilanka. The fruits are eaten and the flowers are used as a flavoring. Ixora is mentioned extensively in Ancient Tamil (Indian) Literature. The flowers of this plant are said to have been worn around the neck like a garland during war by soldiers. In present times, two varieties, Domestic and Wild of the plant are commonly found. The flower of Ixora has anti–inflammatory, aromatic, antipyretic properties and useful in extensive thirst and fatigue according to Siddha literature. In the study presented, flowers of both the varieties of Ixora were pharmacologically tried in different conditions. The fresh juice of flower was used in 2 ml/100g oral dose in the studies. Pharmacological evaluation revealed that the plant Ixora coccinea has alterative property in fatigue and thirst, protecting property against electro-convulsions, anti-inflammatory (both acute and chronic) property and hemostatic efficiency in animals. The plant does not have any effect in adjuvant induced arthritis, barbital induced sleeping time and yeast induced anti-pyretic activity in Albino rats.

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