Blood genetics in pulmonary tuberculosis

Tyagi, S.P.; Prasad, M.; Khare, K.P.; Bahadur, P. and Hameed, S. (1973) Blood genetics in pulmonary tuberculosis. Indian Journal of Tuberculosis, 20 (1). pp. 16-19.

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580 cases of pulmonary tuberculosis were grouped for ABO and Rhesus typing. 134 cases (23.10%) belonged to group A, 252 (43.45%) to group B, 160 (27.59%) to group O and 34 (5.86%) to group AB.19 2. In the control series of 7620 cases, 1,881 (24.69%) were of group A, 2,686 (35.25%) of group B, 2,384(31.29%) of group O and 669 (8.77%) of group AB. 3. The incidence of Rhesus negative was 3.27% and 3.4% amongst the indivi duals of pulmonary tuberculosis and of control series respectively. 4. An excess of group B was found In cases of pulmonary tuberculosis as compared to control series. 5. Pulmonary tuberculosis patients of group A and O were more to develop far advanced and cavitory lesions as compared to those of group B.

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