Correlation between prevalence rates of pulmonary tuberculosis, tuberculous infection and non-specific sensitivity

Narain, Raj; Krishnamurthy, M.S.; Mayurnath, S. and Gopalan, B.N. (1984) Correlation between prevalence rates of pulmonary tuberculosis, tuberculous infection and non-specific sensitivity. Indian Journal of Tuberculosis, 31 (3). pp. 109-113.

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Data from the initial examination of a BCG trial have been analysed to determine mathematical relationship, if any, between the prevalence of infection and disease. Also, because non-specific sensitivity otters protection against the development of tuberculosis and because there was high prevalence of nonspecific sensitivity in the area of the study, relationship between nonspecific sensitivity and tuberculosis had also been studied. Results of the analysis showed that relationship between prevalence of tuberculous infection and disease is not amenable to any simple mathematical quantification. However, the values of the coefficients of correlation between the two were statistically highly significant suggesting that the prevalence of one varied directly with the prevalence of the other in the community, and that prevalence of infection may be used as an indicator for the prevalence of disease at different points of time. The analysis also showed the existence of an inverse relationship between prevalence of tuberculosis and prevalence of non-specific sensitivity tending to confirm the previous finding that the latter offered protection against the other.

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