Genetic variability and bottleneck studies in Zalawadi, Gohilwadi and Surti goat breeds of Gujarat (India) using microsatellites

Fatima, Shadma; Bhong, C.D.; Rank, D.N. and Joshi, C.G. (2008) Genetic variability and bottleneck studies in Zalawadi, Gohilwadi and Surti goat breeds of Gujarat (India) using microsatellites. Small Ruminant Research, 77. pp. 58-64.

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Indian goat breeds are recognized as an invaluable component of the world’s goat genetic resources. Microsatellite pairs were chosen from the list suggested by International Society for Animal Genetics (ISAG) and amplified in two multiplexes (Set-I: 7 microsatellites and Set-II: 11 microsatellites) for automated fluorescence genotyping to assess bottleneck and analyze genetic variability and genetic distances within and between three goat breeds viz. Zalawadi, Gohilwadi and Surti. The observed number of alleles ranged from 4 (Oar JMP-29) to 15 (ILSTS-030 and -034) with a total of 178 alleles and mean of 9.89 alleles across the three breeds. The overall heterozygosity, PIC and Shannon index values were 0.61, 0.60 and 1.50 indicating high genetic diversity. The maximum observed heterozygosity was found in Gohilwadi and minimum in Surti goat breed. The Nei’s standard genetic distance was minimum between Zalawadi and Gohilwadi, and maximum between Gohilwadi and Surti. Non-significant heterozygote excess on the basis of IAM, TPM andSMMmodels, as revealed fromWilcoxon sign-rank tests, along with a normal ‘L’-shaped distribution of mode-shift test, indicated no bottleneck in Zalawadi and Gohilwadi goat populations, whereas mild bottleneck in the recent past for Surti breed. This research on goat genetic diversity in Gujarat state provides valuable information on Zalawadi, Gohilwadi and Surti goat genetic resources, and will assist in developing a national plan for the conservation and utilization of indigenous goat breeds.

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