The role of Salamisri (Orchis mascula) in geriatric care

Allimuthu, M. and Thomas M, Walter (2008) The role of Salamisri (Orchis mascula) in geriatric care. Siddha Papers, 1 (09):LR. pp. 1-9. ISSN 0974-2522

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The use of Salamisri (Orchis mascula) has a very long history dating back to centuries mainly as an alternate to Arrowroot and Coffee. It has also rich Medicinal properties as potent Aphrodisiac and Tonic. Review of Siddha literature reveals Salamisri to be a promising food supplement / medicine especially to the Old age related problems. This orchid is really a blessing for the geriatric patients especially as a valuable special diet, for disorders of Gastrointestinal and Genitourinary tracts, as a potent aphrodisiac and tonic, and promising remedy for most of the Old age related problems. To further explore the wonderful medicinal qualities of Salamisri, more research has to be carried out.

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