Population structure & genetic bottleneck analysis of Ankleshwar poultry breed by microsatellite markers

Pandey, A.K.; Kumar, Dinesh; Sharma, Rekha; Sharma, Uma; Vijh, R.K. and Alhawat, S.P.S. (2005) Population structure & genetic bottleneck analysis of Ankleshwar poultry breed by microsatellite markers. Asian-Aust. J. Animal Sciences, 18 ( 7). pp. 915-921. ISSN 1011-2367

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Genetic variation at 25 microsatellite loci, population structure, and genetic bottleneck hypothesis were examined for Ankleshwar poultry population found in Gujarat, India. The estimates of genetic variability such as effective number of alleles and gene diversities revealed substantial genetic variation frequently displayed by microsatellite markers. The average polymorphism across the studied loci and the expected gene diversity in the population were 6.44 and 0.670 0.144, respectively. The population was observed to be significantly differentiated into different groups, and showed fairly high level of inbreeding (f = 0.240 0.052) and global heterozygote deficit. The bottleneck analysis indicated the absence of genetic bottleneck in the past. The study revealed that the Ankleshwar poultry breed needs appropriate genetic management for its conservation and improvement. The information generated in this study may further be utilized for studying differentiation and relationships among different Indian poultry breeds. (Asian-Aust. J. Anim. Sci. 2005. Vol 18, No. 7 : 915-921)

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