Prevalance of pulmonary tuberculosis among children in a south Indian community

Suryanarayana, L.; Suryanarayana, H.V. and Jagannatha, P.S. (1999) Prevalance of pulmonary tuberculosis among children in a south Indian community. Indian Journal of Tuberculosis, 46. pp. 171-178.

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A study on prevalence of pulmonary tuberculosis was conducted during 1991-94 among 20,063 children, aged < 14 years, residing in 62 randomly selected villages situated within a 5 km belt, beyond 19 km radius from the center of Bangalore city. Of the 20,063 children, 17,477 were subjected to elicitation of history, clinical examination and tuberculin test with 1TU RT23 with Tween 80 and results read between 72-96 hours later. Of the 16,451 (94.1%) children test-read, 34.5% had tuberculin indurations of > 10 mm; 20.1% were undernourished; 3.2% had lymphnode enlargement and 4% had history of contact with a case of pulmonary tuberculosis. In all, 6,075 children with the above criteria became eligible for subsequent investigations. Of them, 1,798 (29.6%) children aged < 5 years were subjected to chest X-ray while the remaining (aged ≥5 years, 4,277-70.4%) were subjected to bacteriological (smear & culture) as well as radiological examination. From these examinations, a total of 50 radiological positive cases (11 from below 5 years and 39 from 5 years & above groups) and 17 bacteriological positive cases (14 culture positive + 3 smear positive) from children aged 5-14 were detected. The diagnosis of tuberculosis in children obtained in this manner was found to be related to under-nutrition, positive reaction to tuberculin and history of contact. The prevalence of bacteriological cases was 0.15% in the age group 5-14 years and that of radiological cases 0.3% in the age group 0-14 years. These rates are similar to the rates observed in the initial round of the conventional longitudinal epidemiological survey conducted 30 years ago as well as the one conducted among the urban slum children of Bangalore. These rates, considered as low, are not likely to alter the epidemiological situation of tuberculosis in the community.

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