Augmentation of early reproduction through hormonal therapy in camel heifers

Agarwal, S.P.; Rai, A.K.; Vyas, S. and Khanna, N.D. (1996) Augmentation of early reproduction through hormonal therapy in camel heifers. International Journal of Animal Science, 11. pp. 361-363. ISSN 0970-2857

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Twelve prepubertal female camels of two to two and a half years of age were divided into three groups. Group I and II were administered 250 mg Duraprogen (A progesterone derivative) intramuscularly for two consecutive days followed by 2000 IU Trophovet (A FSH predominant preparation) on the third day. The animals were periodically examined per rectum and those having mature follicles on their ovaries and expressing sexual interest were mated with a virile stud on two successive days. Following first mating, Group I and II received 3000 IU Chorulon (A hCG preparation) and 30 mcg Receptal (A GnRH analogue), respectively to ensure ovulation. Animals which failed to conceive were again mated and observed for pregnancy. Periodic blood samples were collected and analysed for progesterone concentration by RIA. Animals in group III were injected with sterile solution and served as control. All the animals in treated groups responded to treatment. A total of 10 follicles in Group I and 9 in Group II and 8 corpora lutea in each of these groups were detected indicating multiple ovulations but none of the animals conceived in the first service. In the subsequent service, one animal each in groups I and II became pregnant. None of the animals in control group expressed any sexual activity.

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