A review of 1,000 cases of childhood tuberculosis at Trivandrum (Kerala)

Nair, N.S.; Kurian, Thomas; John, T.P. and Mathew, Omana (1964) A review of 1,000 cases of childhood tuberculosis at Trivandrum (Kerala). Indian Journal of Tuberculosis, 11 (2). pp. 82-97.

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The study is based on 1,000 infants and children seen at the T.B. Clinic of the S.A.T. Child- ren’s Hospital, Trivandrum. The materials and methods of study are described, attention being drawn to the limitations and drawbacks. In general, a decrease in the number of affected children was observed with advancing age. The morbidity was found to be higher among boys. The large majority of subjects were from the poorer sections of the Commu- nity. Nutritional Status was adjudged to be ‘Poor’ in 39.8 per cent. History of contact with an infected person was available in 355 subjects, such history being much more fre- quently elicited in the younger age groups. Siblings were the most frequent offenders. The bearing of previous illnesses in our subjects and Tuberculosis is discussed. Presenting complaints were protean. Clinical signs were conspicuous by their absence. While 648 cases of Uncomplicated Primary Tuberculosis were met with, there were 281oases of Postprimary Intrathoracic Tuber-culosis. The incidence of various forms of intrathoracic tuberculosis met with in .the study is compared with relevant Western figures. The types of Extrathoracic Tuberculosis met with are described. Radiological manifestations in the chest of the subjects are analyzed. The tuberculin Reaction in these children is dis- cussed with particular reference to the false negative reactions observed in 25 cases. The observations are analyzed in some detail, reference being made to relevant literature on the subject.

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